Private Readings can be all Psychic, all Medium or a combo of both. This is a beautiful opportunity to receive intuitive guidance and connect with Loved Ones in Spirit. Please remember I am simply a channel. It's rare that a connection is not made, but it is possible. I kindly ask that you join our call with an Open Mind and an Open Heart! See what my past clients have to say. 

Private Readings:

$155/45 Minutes

$111/30 Minutes

$55/15 Minutes

2 Person Reading

$155/30 Minutes

Group Reading (3-6 people)

$70/per person

40 Minutes




Grab your favorite drink and join me for a night of magic, healing, love and laughter. There is something truly special about an in-person group reading. I don't like setting a strict time limit, especially if Spirit is feeling chatty. You can expect it to last anywhere from 35 mins-1 hour depending on the vibration of the group and the messages coming through.  

Available to Portland locals in my home or yours. Great for a unique Girls Night! I hold group readings in Annapolis 1-2x per year. Join the mailing list or my Facebook Group to stay in the loop. 
 40 Minute Reading
$70/per person (increasing 8/1/20)
$150 non-refundable deposit required.
3 people minimum. 6 people max.
Incudes video recording!


Tarot is like a cosmic BFF that doesn't sugarcoat anything because it loves you and wants what's best for you.  All for your highest good, of course! What is the Universe trying to tell you? Let's take a look under the cosmic hood.


Photo of your cards and an audio explanation E-MAILED in 7-10 business days.

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