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My priority, above all else, is to provide an opportunity for solitary witches and magic-seekers to leave normalcy behind and just be themselves in a positive, judgment free space. You aren't only gaining an experience. You are gaining a coven and lifelong friendships.


Below I've outlined some of the most frequently asked questions. I hope this helps you understand

my prices  and practices. 

Ashley xo

🖤  Why does it cost so much?

GROUP SIZE: My retreats are intentionally small. 8-10 women only. This allows me to be the  clearest channel possible for Loved Ones + Spirit Guides, to give everyone the attention they deserve, and to intuitively tailor each day to the unique vibe of the group.  If retreats were larger, the intimate setting that makes them so special would disappear. If the retreat were smaller,  it would cost twice as much! 


LODGING/LOCATION: Like a true Capricorn, I consider a number of practical factors such as accessibility, safety, seasonal conditions, walkability and price point. I  spend a painstaking amount of time researching haunted history, magical happenings, spiritual significance, and the perfect house. Some cost up to $1600 per night.  My retreats provide an opportunity to stay in amazing homes in spellbinding locations without footing the entire bill. 


OUTSIDE VENDORS + FACILITATORS: I personally handpick and vet local readers, guides, shop owners, etc. to provide unique experiences for the coven. I spend hours corresponding with  potential facilitators, researching their offerings, reading reviews and OF COURSE having a session with them first-hand. 

MEALS: If you've ever hosted a dinner party, you know how quickly this adds up. I've attended retreats that offered all meals but options were limited and meh at best.  I like to provide a variety of fresh, seasonal fruits + vegetables, simple meals to prepare at your convenience, grab + go snacks,  gf + df options, local favorites (pastries from the #1 bakery, sandwiches from the best breakfast joint, etc) and of course COFFEE. Good. F*cking. Coffee.  


All retreats include diy breakfast items, snacks and welcome/closing dinners. 

ALCOHOL: Most, if not all, retreats include a welcome drink or dedicated happy hour. Some retreats include Midnight Margaritas #practicalmagic. Retreat members are welcome to bring their own adult beverages.

🖤 Do I have to participate in everything?

No! This is your time. You're welcome to sleep-in, skip a group activity or embark on a solo experience. I encourage everyone to follow their heart and intuition. My retreats are a judgement and pressure free zone.

🖤 Do I need a rental car?

My retreats are largely (and purposely) held in walkable cities so everyone can explore. I don't know about you, but being cooped up in a house in the middle of nowhere makes me feel a little Jack Torrance-y (wink to all my fellow Shining fans). 

Rental cars are not necessary for Salem, St. Augustine or New Orleans unless that's your preference. Mt. Shasta is the most remote. I highly recommend a rental car as the house is not in a walkable area.

🖤 Do I have to share a bed?

Exact sleeping arrangements depend on the house. Private and shared beds are available on a first come, first served basis. Single beds ALWAYS sell out first. I'm talking like in the first 24 hours. If this is your preference, don't hesitate to book!

I offer bunk options to keep costs down for everyone. Retreats would cost at least  twice as much if there were 1 woman per room. However, if you book a spot in a shared bed/room, there is a chance you will end up having it all to yourself. Last minute cancellations do happen.  You can book all spots to ensure privacy.

🖤 Age range?

My retreats are for the Maidens, Mothers and Crones. I myself am an old soul with a mischieveous and playful side. In earth years, I'm 38. Coven members range from early 20's to early 50's, mostly falling in the 30's. Mature teens are welcome (15+).

🖤 Sharing a house with strangers. Sup with that?

I'm a mega introvert so I fully understand the hesitation. Trust me when I say that the other women will feel like old friends before the first night is over. I  cannot stress enough. Prepare for group texts, invites to baby showers, weddings, etc #coven


I set the intention to attract perfectly aligned women, but just to be safe, I personally vet each potential retreat member. Everyone has to fill out an "application" to be considered. As an intuitive-medium, I pick up on personalities the moment I come into contact with someone (remotely and in-person) so this gives me a chance to feel everyone out. 

Assh*les need not apply 😘 

Still have questions? Ask away.

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