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savannah WITCHES retreat

november 10-12, 2023

Calling all Southern Belles! Join me in Savannah for a hauntingly good time with your very own coven during the 11-11 Gateway. Some call this the most spiritual day of the year. A portal to divine healing, higher consciousness and new beginnings. The veil between worlds is thin, ya'll, and magic is in the air.

Hidden behind the beauty and charm is a past brimming with magic, mystery and paranormal activity. Learn first hand why Savannah is considered one of the most haunted in America...


My retreats are purposefully small and intuitively curated, providing a unique bespoke experience and "slumber party" vibe. Designed for eclectic witches and magic-seekers longing for a break from normalcy. 


  • 3 days/2 nights in a stunning luxury home. Walkable to everything downtown Savannah has to offer

  • DIY breakfast, Welcome & Closing Dinners,  coffee, tea and snacks throughout your stay

  • Group Reading w/ a real Medium (ME!). Experience a priceless connection w/ Loved Ones and Spirit Guides

  • Opportunities to explore your psychic abilities and witchy practices

  • Slumber party vibes with your very own coven

  • Kindred Spirits and Lifelong friends 

  • FAQs here

schedule OF EVENTS


  • 2-5pm Check-in. Unpack and unwind

  • 6:00pm Welcome Dinner + Casual Intros at the house

  • 8:00pm Seance. We'll craft a simple invocation spell to harness the 11:11 Gateway Energy,  allowing us to more easily connect with Loved Ones and Spirit Guides. Private Readings available at a discounted rate

  • 10:00pm Paranormal Investigation w/ The Odd Macabre For those brave enough to delve deeper into the paranormal, we’ll also be offering  our A Night Among Ghosts Paranormal Investigations at some of Savannah’s most haunted places. Using the latest equipment and techniques, our team of experienced investigators will help you uncover any supernatural activity and reach out to communicate with any lingering spirits. You never know what you might find on one of our investigations!

  • Optional hangout


  • DIY breakfast at the house. Fruit, bagels, oatmeal, pastries, coffee and tea available

  • Free time to explore Savannah. Private Readings will be held during this time

  • 4:00pm Private Tour of Graveface Museum

  • 6:00pm Coven Themed Closing Dinner Are you a good witch or a bad witch? Traditional or bohemian? Show me what magic looks like to you

  • Optional Girls Night Out because what's the fun in dressing up if you can't show off?! 

  • 11:11 Ritual & Spell Casting


  • DIY breakfast at the house

  • 10:00am Closing Circle & Farewell Spell Casting

  • Exchange numbers with your new best friends

  • 11:00am Checkout