Set the mood with these magic beauties! Artfully made and individually unique. I allow Spirit to guide my hand.  

LOVE + MAGIC: Peppermint scent. Roses and flower petals. Amethyst to open the Third Eye and heighten intuition. Rose Quartz to open the Heart Chakra and usher in love and harmony. 

FRESH TO DEATH: Eucalyptus scent for a breath of fresh air. Lavender buds + Black Tourmaline for banishing low vibrations of all kinds. 

THE  CHARMER: Grapefruit scent. Wildflowers. Orange Carnelian for creativity + confidence (especially speaking in social settings!). Lapis Lazuli for power + promote clarity + action. Have the confidence to charm everyone’s pants off!

ABUNDANT BABE: Sweet Orange scent. Wildflowers. Green Adventurine and Turquoise for luck + friendship + prosperity + success. 

4oz soy wax candles. Come in reusable rose gold tin. ✨Each one is unique✨
Contact me for custom requests. Ashley xoxo

Crystal Spell Candles

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