For the first time, I'm combining my psychology degree with my psychic gifts to be your personal Psychic Therapist! This is for you if you're ready to explore your unique and unlimited potential. To break out of the boxes you've been placed in. To embrace your power and be the highest version of yourself. #riseandshine


A mixture of Personal Intuitive Guidance + Messages from Loved Ones +Tailored Specifically to Your Needs. 


  • Weekly 35 Minute Private Reading 

  • Akashic Record Session (1x)

  • Mixture of Intuitive Guidance+Messages from Loved Ones

  • Access to me 24/7 via WhatsApp

  • Guided Meditation

We will discuss WHATEVER you need support with, plus a wide range of topics including (but not limited to):

  • Past Life Regression

  • Healing Wounds + Trauma

  • Shadow Work

  • Raising Your Vibration

  • Being Your Most Authentic Self

  • Embracing Your Truth and Power


Choose duration. Scheduling link will be sent directly after purchase. 


    Let's Be Friends. 10% off Psychic Medium Reading!

    Email:          Phone: #240-507-9509              SE Portland, Oregon