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Astonomical Clock
Castle Lake in Mt. Shasta
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Mount St Helens Wildflowers
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4 days/3 nights $777

Reserve for $222. Pay in Full to save $111!

Energy vortexes. Tarot. Intuitive Art. Psychic-Medium Readings. Astrology 101. Shooting stars. Champagne in Castle Lake, known for it's ancient healing properties. Need I say more? This place is pure magic. Mt. Shasta is considered the Root Chakra of the Earth, and from my personal experience, one of the best star gazing locations ever. I was drawn to Mt. Shasta after remembering a past-life there, more specifically, how I died there during the fall of the ancient Starseed civilization of Lemuria.


Some say the survivors reside deep inside the mountain to this day. As legend goes, Lemurians were the first galactic star beings to step foot on Earth. They are beings of pure love and light, the ascended masters of this universe. They carry with them a unique, cosmic signature, and the same spiritual purpose and mission of our living Mother Earth (read more>>). Connect to these incredible Beings and awaken your inner Starchild.

We are staying in a beautiful 5 bed/2 bath home walkable to yoga, shops and cafes. Have a special skill or product you'd like to share? Discounts available for applicable energy exchange (ex. yogis, chefs, photographers, astrologers, etc.) Contact me to tell me about your offering.

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Castle Lake in Mt. Shasta


 What's Included... 

When I share space with people, Spirit drops in at random to deliver messages. It's incredibly important for me to work with the flow of this energy rather than push against it. For this reason, I don't like rigid schedules. There will also be plenty of downtime to recharge your batteries.  Exact times will be announced at a later date. Activities subject to change.

Meet the Crew

Ashley Clauré


I'm Ashley Clauré. Psychic-Medium, Artist and Mom to three beautiful creatures. I was born with the ability to communicate with the dead, but Motherhood is by far the scariest thing I've ever experienced! Just kidding (sort of). When I'm not busy with my children, I create channeled paintings and deliver messages from Spirit. I find inspiration in nature, astrology and the visions I receive through my clairvoyance, mediumship and other psychic abilities, which I've had  since I was a child. I cannot wait to connect with you and your Loved Ones in Magical Mt. Shasta.

Shelly Tannehill,

Astro Queen

My name is Shelly and I can't wait to play in the stars with you! I've been obsessed with astrology for over a decade. In fact, I should have known when I moved into my condo on Moon Circle that it was a sign from the universe. Our star chart gives us the blueprint for our lives. How we design it, is up to us. I'm going to share some insight into your karmic past and divine purpose based on the nodes of the moon. And I couldn't think of a better place to do it than magical Mount Shasta. See you there!

Shari Lotus,

Vortex Tour Guide

Her spiritual leadership and counseling has touched many people worldwide. Alternative healers, such as acupuncturists and chiropractors, call on her clairvoyance and intuitive healing powers to identify and remove stubborn energy blocks in their patients through her Mystic Fire Healings. Sahari is honored to guide people through Shasta Vortex Adventures and to be on the mountain she loves, near the Ascended Master Retreat she has pledged to serve.

Let's Be Friends

Email:          Phone: #240-507-9509              SE Portland, Oregon