The world is bananas right now. I'm not sure we'll be able to travel come August, but I'm sure as hell that we'll need a retreat if so! Only 4 spots left!

Refundable if Shelter in Place is still active come August.


Mt. Shasta, California 8/7-8/10

Shared Beds from $799 $699 if paid in full!

Energy vortexes. Private Reiki session. Tarot. Intuitive Art. Psychic-Medium Readings. Astrology 101. Shooting stars. Champagne in Castle Lake, known for it's ancient healing properties. Need I say more? This place is pure magic. Mt. Shasta is considered the Root Chakra of the Earth, and from my personal experience, one of the best star gazing locations ever. I was drawn to Mt. Shasta after remembering a past-life there, more specifically, how I died there during the fall of the ancient Starseed civilization of Lemuria.


Some say the survivors reside deep inside the mountain to this day. As legend goes, Lemurians were the first galactic star beings to step foot on Earth. They are beings of pure love and light, the ascended masters of this universe. They carry with them a unique, cosmic signature, and the same spiritual purpose and mission of our living Mother Earth (read more>>). Connect to these incredible Beings and awaken your inner Starchild.

We will be there directly after the Full Moon in Aquarius. This airy and inventive sign connects us to our inner eccentric. The Water Bearer asks us to think outside the box and let our creativity soar to new heights. We are the creators of our reality. No sign embodies this better than visionary Aquarius. What a beautiful time to explore nature, the universe and your own inner magic. 

We are bunking slumber-party style in shared queen beds. It'll be great. I just know it! And I'm psychic, remember? There is ONE PRIVATE QUEEN BED $799 if paid in full via Paypal or $899 with a deposit. Beautiful 5 bed/2bath home walkable to yoga, shops and cafes. Have a special skill or product you'd like to share? Discounts available for applicable energy exchange (ex. yogis, chefs, photographers, astrologers, etc.) Contact me to tell me about your offering.

SUPER SPECIAL $666 per person

if paid in full via PayPal! Click below.

Pay in full or reserve for $222. Remaining balance will be split into 2 equal payments of $288 + 3% processing fee.



 What's Included... 

When I share space with people, Spirit drops in at random to deliver messages. It's incredibly important for me to work with the flow of this energy rather than push against it. For this reason, I don't like rigid schedules. There will also be plenty of downtime to recharge your batteries.  Exact times will be announced at a later date. Activities subject to change.

Check-in 8/7 @ 3pm

  • 4 days/3 nights in private 5 bedroom, 2 bath house. 1.5 blocks to downtown Mt. Shasta. Walkable to shops, yoga, cafes, grocery and more. 

  • Welcome Circle + Happy Hour. Unwind and get to know your new BFFs over wine, snackies and tarot.

  • Private Reiki Session w/ certified healer Stephenie Ann. Sign up sheet available at check-in.

  • Sacred Site hiking tour led by the Spiritually Lit Andrew Oser. Mt. Shasta is known worldwide as a spiritual energy vortex. Andrew will lead us in guided meditations at each sacred site. 

  • After our hike, enjoy a picnic lunch at Castle Lake, known for it's ancient healing properties. Bring your swimsuit! 

  • Astrology 101 w/ Cosmic Queen Shelly Tannehill. Learn about your karmic past and your divine purpose based on your star chart!

  • Intuitive Art. As a child, art was how I expressed the images and messages I received from Spirit without having to explain where they came from. It continues to be my favorite creative outlet. Connect to your own intuition through art!

  • Group Reading. This is a beautiful opportunity to receive intuitive guidance and connect with Loved Ones in Spirit. Please remember I am simply a channel. Connection is entirely up to Spirit. While it's rare not to connect with Loved Ones, it is possible. Please join me with an Open Mind and an Open Heart.

  • House will be lightly stocked with simple meal items and refreshments. Prepare at your leisure. There are a number of restaurants and cafes within walking distance. 

  • Closing dinner prepared by Yours Truly. Vegetarian and GF options. Feel free to contribute your favorite side dish, dessert or adult beverage!


  • Opportunity for private In-Person Psychic-Medium Reading at discounted rate $55 (normally $150). 


  • Exact schedule, address and my cell # will be sent after booking.

  • Check-in 8/7 @ 3pm. Check-out 8/10 @ 10am.

  • House will be lightly stocked with refreshments and food items. Prepare  at your leisure. 

  • Pack your swim suit and hiking boots! 


  • Closest airports are Sacramento (3.5 hours) and Redding (1 hour) International. The most economical way to reach Mt. Shasta from the airport is by rental car.

  • 6 hour drive from Portland

  • PDX locals can ride with me on 8/6. That mean's an extra night! *Small $35 fee applies*

  • 3 hour drive from San Francisco.


  • Includes lodging, light meals, refreshments and all activities.

  • Does NOT include airfare or airport transfer.

  • Option to  pay in installments. Total due no later than June 1st.

  • COVID-19 UPDATERefundable if Shelter in Place is still active come August.

Meet the Crew

Ashley Clauré


I'm Ashley Clauré. Psychic-Medium, Artist and Mom to three beautiful creatures. I was born with the ability to communicate with the dead, but Motherhood is by far the scariest thing I've ever experienced! Just kidding (sort of). When I'm not busy with my children, I create channeled paintings and deliver messages from Spirit. I find inspiration in nature, astrology and the visions I receive through my clairvoyance, mediumship and other psychic abilities, which I've had  since I was a child. I cannot wait to connect with you and your Loved Ones in Magical Mt. Shasta.

Shelly Tannehill,

Astro Queen

My name is Shelly and I can't wait to play in the stars with you! I've been obsessed with astrology for over a decade. In fact, I should have known when I moved into my condo on Moon Circle that it was a sign from the universe. Our star chart gives us the blueprint for our lives. How we design it, is up to us. I'm going to share some insight into your karmic past and divine purpose based on the nodes of the moon. And I couldn't think of a better place to do it than magical Mount Shasta. See you there!

Stephenie Ann,

Reiki Healer

I'm Stephenie and I was born to be a healer. Let me just say there is a real power in your intentions. My path to reiki began when my dog contracted parvo; a deadly disease. Through my intention and energy transference, he made a miraculous recovery. I've been devoted to making people feel seen, heard and healed ever since. Reiki is just one of many ways you can be a healer. It is a fantastic way to allow your mind to rest and your soul to heal.  I can't wait to meet everyone at Mt Shasta and share space with some amazing spirits!

Let's Be Friends

Email:          Phone: #240-507-9509              SE Portland, Oregon