For friends and family

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Grab your favorite drink and join me for messages of love, laughter and clarity. This is a beautiful opportunity to connect with Loved Ones, Spirit Guides and receive personal intuitive guidance.

Group Readings are done "gallery style". We will join in a circle and begin with a quick meditation to raise the vibration of the group and invite in Spirit (some call this a séance, but it's not scary. Promise). I will then act as channel, delivering the messages I receive; bouncing from person to person. Essentially, I go where Spirit leads me.


Please remember that I am simply the middle-man. If the group is hoping to connect with multiple Loved Ones, it's p0ssible that not everyone will make a connection. However, this is also time for personal intuitive guidance. Last, but certainly not least, what happens in our circle, stays in our circle. 100% confidential. Pinky swear!



  •  $75 per person with a 6 person min. 12 person max. You can pay the minimum and have less than 6 people. 

  • Approx. 1.5-2.5 hrs depending on the # of people, vibration of the group and messages coming through.

  • In-Person only. Kent Island, MD and surrounding areasI will come to your home or officeTravel fee applies,

  • Contact me to schedule. Please include TWO preferred dates & times as well as # of attendees and address. 



This is great for a unique bachelorette party, bridal/baby shower, wedding reception or work event! Everyone will have private one-on-one time with me. 

I require a private (or semi-private) area with two chairs and a table. I can do mini readings for approximately 6 people in 1 hour. Please note, tarot parties do not include messages from Loved Ones. Tarot readings only. 

$199/hr. 2 hr minimum.

Available via Zoom or In-Person (Kent Island, MD and surrounding areas)

I will come to your home or office. Travel fee applies. 

Additional fee may apply to further distances


Please include TWO preferred dates & times as well as # of attendees and address.



"Ashley is an incredible medium. She picked up on my mom visiting while we drank my moms fave bev, pink champagne. It was a really sweet communication and I received some spot on important guidance around a family issue. Thank you so much, Ashley! 💖💖💖" - Heather

" Ashley you are truly gifted 👼  It was truly amazing how many spirits came through that night. I’m was also amazed how connected I was with some of the people who attended the group reading! Thank you again for sharing your gifts with me 😍👼"- Bill and Patti

"Ashley Danielle thank you so much! You are so awesome and authentic. You made everyone feel comfortable and connected at the group reading. Wonderful person and host! My tears were all happy and I'm so lucky to have crossed paths with you. 💕" - Janey

“Being able to hear from Trista was a gift that I don’t know how to thank you for. She was a best friend of mine, and I miss her so much everyday. Thank you, Ashley. You are so gifted, and I appreciate you also doing it for such a loving reason. Everything you said will sit with me forever."- Emily

​"Ashley is POWERFUL and pulls down information in such a succinct and calming manner. She was able to deliver such sweet messages from loved ones in the spirit realm and even predicted a surprise would be coming for me (which it did just a few days later). She's the real deal and we are so lucky she is sharing her gifts with the world now." -Emily