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OCTOBER 27th-30th, 2023


 Pack your crystals and your broom stick for the 4th Annual Witches Retreat! Are you longing for a break from normalcy and obligation? Is your Inner Witch begging to be set free? Join me and 8 other women for 4 days of magic, laughter and (good) tears. Explore your intuitive gifts without fear or judgement. Ghost Stories, Tarot, Tea Leaf Readings, Plant Magic, Spell Casting, Group Séance and new life long friends #somoteitbe

We are staying in a lovely 5 bedroom home. walkable to all of Salem's haunted sites and attractions.  Enjoy the private garden and perhaps catch a glimpse of Mary, the resident Spirit. She was once a maid in the house. Loved it so much, she never left! Don't worry, though. She is 100% harmless and sweet as can be (we've chatted).


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When I share space with people, Loved Ones drop in at random to deliver messages. It's incredibly important for me to work with the flow of this energy rather than push against it. For this reason, I don't like rigid schedules. There will also be plenty of downtime to explore Salem. 



  • 5pm-7pm Check in. Unpack. Unwind.      

  • Magic Goody Bags

  • Masquerade Dinner + Welcome Circle at the house. Bring your costumes! 

  • Afterward, you're welcome to hang out for a spooky movie, retire to your room or take a candlelit stroll through the cemetery across the street.


  • Coffee and light breakfast items provided at the house. Plant based and gluten free options. Prepare at your leisure. There are also a number of cafes, restaurants and a grocery store within walking distance. 

  • Spell Casting 101: Learn how to cast a spell from start to finish. Leave with your very own Grimoire and enchanted object. Our spells will focus on Love, Healing or Abundance. 

  • Break for lunch + exploration on your own. 

  • Séance, led by Yours Truly. Don't worry, that's just a fancy word for a Psychic Medium Reading. This is a beautiful opportunity to receive intuitive guidance and connect with Loved Ones and Spirit Guides. FYI, you're going to cry (happy tears, of course!).

  • Private Readings available at a discounted rate for retreat members. 

  • I will likely be 100% drained after the séance. Light dinner items provided at the house. Prepare at your leisure. 

  •  Tarot Workshop and private after-hours shopping at HausWitch. My absolute favorite magic shop in the universe! "Perfect for all levels, we’ll start with an easy introduction - from the structure of a Tarot deck to how to create interpretations from a place of neutrality. Then we’ll dive right into reading for each other using a fun group format. Everyone will get a chance to have and give readings and practice skills for tapping into your intuition that can be used in life"


  • Coffee and light breakfast items provided at the house. Plant based and gluten free options. Prepare at your leisure. There are also a number of cafes, restaurants and a grocery store within walking distance.

  • Tea Leaf Readings with Kelsey. In true witchy fashion, Kelsey learned this ancient divination tool from her late grandmother. See what the leaves hold for you and take home your own tea cup and saucer. 

  • Break for lunch on own + exploration.

  • Plant Magic Workshop. Learn the "language of flowers" and how to use them for healing and intention setting. Leave with a bewitched bouquet. 

  • Closing Witches Feast at the house, catered by Life Alive Organic Café. Feel free to contribute your favorite side dish, dessert or adult beverage. 

  • Afterward, explore Salem night life or hangout at the house.


  • Time to say goodbye to your new best friends! Seriously,  I'm still in touch with the women I met on my very first Salem trip in 2016 #girlmagic #coven

  • Checkout 11am

                                           SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS


As with any historic home, bed space is limited. There are private and shared bed options available on a first come, first served basis. Solo travelers will be bunked with other solo travelers. 

  • Bedroom 1: Shared King. Sleeps 2. 

  • Bedroom 2: Queen bed + Twin bed in shared room. Sleeps 3

  • Bedroom 3: Queen bed w/ en suite. Sleeps 2

  • Bedroom 4: Private Double bed. Sleeps 1. SOLD OUT

  • Bedroom 5: (2) Twin beds. Sleeps 2

                                                    IMPORTANT EXTRAS



  • The nearest airport is Boston International. It's about a 30 minute ride to Salem

  • Uber and Lyft estimates are $41 (rates may change)

  • Rental cars are not necessary unless that is your preference. There is parking for one car only; first come, first served. There are parking garages are nearby


  • Included in your stay are 3 dinners and breakfast items that you can prepare at your leisure 

  • Fresh, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and organic whenever possible

  • There are a number of cafes, restaurants and a grocery store within walking distance


  • Umbrella (just in case!)

  • Comfortable shoes

  • Snacks and/or beverages of your preference. There is a grocery store within walking distance.

                                                    COSTS + INCLUSIONS

Includes lodging, magic goody bag, all activities, dinner, breakfast, snacks and beverages throughout your stay. 

  • Prices are per person. Payment options:

        Pay in full $1300 USD 

        2 payments of  $675 USD

        3 payments of $467 USD

  • Payable via Venmo + Cashapp + PayPal.

  • PayPal payments include processing fee.

  • App payments must be sent "as friend" or you will be billed separately for processing fees.



  • Contact me to confirm availability and book

  • Please include room and payment preference