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Castle Lake in Mt. Shasta
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Mount St Helens Wildflowers


Mt. Shasta, California 8/7-8/10

Meet the Crew

Ashley Clauré


I'm Ashley Clauré. Psychic-Medium, Artist and Mom to three beautiful creatures. I was born with the ability to communicate with the dead, but Motherhood is by far the scariest thing I've ever experienced! Just kidding (sort of). When I'm not busy with my children, I create channeled paintings and deliver messages from Spirit. I find inspiration in nature, astrology and the visions I receive through my clairvoyance, mediumship and other psychic abilities, which I've had  since I was a child. I cannot wait to connect with you and your Loved Ones in Magical Mt. Shasta.

Shelly Tannehill

Astro Queen

My name is Shelly and I can't wait to play in the stars with you! I've been obsessed with astrology for over a decade. In fact, I should have known when I moved into my condo on Moon Circle that it was a sign from the universe. Our star chart gives us the blueprint for our lives. How we design it, is up to us. I'm going to share some insight into your karmic past and divine purpose based on the nodes of the moon. And I couldn't think of a better place to do it than magical Mount Shasta. See you there!

Stephenie Ann

Reiki Healer

I'm Stephenie and I was born to be a healer. Let me just say there is a real power in your intentions. My path to reiki began when my dog contracted parvo; a deadly disease.

Through my intention and energy transference, he made a miraculous recovery. I've been devoted to making people feel seen, heard and healed ever since. Reiki is just one of many ways you can be a healer. It is a fantastic way to allow your mind to rest and your soul to heal.  I can't wait to meet everyone at Mt Shasta and share space with some amazing spirits!

Kylee Messing

 Intuitive Chef

My name is Kylee, and I'm very excited to be sharing this space with at Mt. Shasta! For as long as I can remember, I've loved cooking. It's a skill that's always come naturally to me. In the short time I've been in this industry, in my souls purpose, and in alignment with my highest self, I've ONLY seen amazing things happen. Nothing gives me greater joy than creating a masterpiece of flavors, textures, and smells plated to perfection, and than watching the joy spread across someone's face like its Christmas morning! I truly cook with good vibes and channel love and nourishment into every dish I make.





113 S A Street

Mount Shasta, CA 96067

5 beds 3 baths 2,396 sqft

Check-in 8/7 @ 3pm. Check-out 8/10 @ 11am.


Closest airports are Sacramento (3.5 hours) and Redding (1 hour) International. The most economical way to reach Mt. Shasta from the airport is by rental car.

3 hour drive from San Francisco.

6 hour drive from Portland (PDX locals can ride with me on 8/6. That mean's an extra night! *Fee applies*). Contact me to arrange.





Hiking boots

Tarot/oracle cards


Open Mind + Open Heart!


House will be lightly stocked with food and refreshments. There is a grocery store within walking distance for your convenience. Feel free to bring sharable snacks and treats. *PLEASE ADVISE ME OF FOOD ALLERGIES/RESTRICTIONS* 

Cigarette smoking is strictly prohibited inside and outside of the property.


​Exact times will be announced at a later date. Subject to change: 

  • Welcome Circle + Happy Hour. Unwind and get to know your new BFFs over wine, snackies and tarot.

  • Private Reiki Session w/ certified healer Stephenie Ann. Sign up sheet available at check-in.

  • Sacred Site hiking tour led by professional guide Andrew Oser. Mt. Shasta is known worldwide as a spiritual energy vortex. Andrew will lead us in guided meditations at each sacred site. 

  • After our hike, enjoy a picnic lunch at Castle Lake, known for it's ancient healing properties. Bring your swimsuit! 

  • Astrology 101 w/ Cosmic Queen Shelly Tannehill. Learn about your past lives and your current life purpose based on your star chart!

  • Intuitive Art Journal Workshop. As a child, art was how I expressed the images and messages I received from Spirit without having to explain where they came from. It continues to be my favorite creative outlet. Your journal will include a personalized mini-channeled painting to help get your creative energy flowing. Learn more about my channeled paintings here.

  • Group Reading. This is a beautiful opportunity to receive intuitive guidance and connect with Loved Ones in Spirit. Please remember I am simply a channel. Connection is entirely up to Spirit. While it's rare not to connect with Loved Ones, it is possible. Please join me with an Open Mind and an Open Heart.

  • Closing dinner prepared by chef Kylee Messing. Vegetarian and GF options. Feel free to contribute your favorite side dish, dessert or adult beverage!


  • Opportunity for private Psychic-Medium Reading at discounted rate $75 (normally $150). 

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Castle Lake in Mt. Shasta
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Let's Be Friends

Email:          Phone: #240-507-9509              SE Portland, Oregon