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My highest wish is to help you remember your unlimited potential to live a life of clarity, confidence and a little bit of magic. This 6 week course is designed to enhance your unique talents and abilities by exploring your Past Lives and enhancing your "Clairs". Think of them as a set of psychic super powers. We all have them (really) but are often conditioned from a young age to ignore, or even fear, them. Reclaim y our birthright and shine your light on the world. We need you!

 I've learned that the best way to un*fuck your present, is to revisit you past. Our first week will begin with a guided meditation to explore Past Lives.  Particularly the ones that have left residual pain and fear that is keeping you from your highest potential.  The remaining weeks will cover The Clairs, what they are, how to recognize, activate and enhance them.

CLAIRVOYANCE: "Clear seeing". Receiving images, visions, symbols, etc. in the minds-eye. This is one of my strongest gifts and the first one I can recall as a child. Images grew in their complexity and meaning as I got older. My art is directly connected to the images I receive from Spirit. 


CLAIRCOGNIZANCE:  "Clear knowing". Psychic ability on crack. Simply knowing things

without rational explanation. I feel things with 100% certainty, but I can't quite explain why. I've learned to TRUST whatever Spirit tells me.

CLAIRAUDIENCE: "Clear hearing". Receiving auditory information from Source, Spirit Guides, Higher Self, whatever you want to call it. For me, this is usually a hearing in the minds-ear just slightly outside of my own thought process. It can be a word, phrase or even song lyrics. 

CLAIRSENTIENCE: "Clear feeling". This is empathy on crack. The ability to feel the energy and emotions of people, animals and even places. If you are overwhelmed in crowds and very sensitive to your environment, you may be Clairsentient. 


  • 6 SPOTS ONLY! Begins January 2022

  • Private Facebook Group to chat and practice your gifts with each other

  • Weekly Modules covering each Clair

  • Modules are pre-recorded and will be posted every Monday in our private group

  • Weekly 30 Minute Zoom call. This is an opportunity for Q+A,  Intuitive Guidance and possible messages from Loved Ones. Includes recording to #replay whenever you wish.

  • Access to me 24/7 via WhatsApp.

  • Can't make the live Zoom call? No problem. Send your magical questions/concerns via WhatsApp. I will address them during the Zoom call. You can watch the #replay at your convenience. 


Also offered as a Private Intuitive Mentorship.
You'll get me (and Spirit) all to yourself!
Weekly 30 minute call scheduled at your convenience.