Channeled Paintings

"Let the colors of your soul spill out"

As a child, art was a way for me to portray the images and messages I received from Spirit without having to explain where they came from. It continues to be a powerful creative outlet. My work is inspired by nature, astrology and the visions I receive through my clairvoyance and other psychic abilitiesA part of my heart and soul goes into each and every piece. 


Messages from Spirit come in the form of images and feelings which aren't always easy to articulate. I use certain imagery, colors, patterns, brush strokes etc. but can't always explain why. As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words.​  

 Intuitive Paintings

starting at $355


Think of it as a psychic reading on canvas. I capture your Soul's essence rather than your physical appearance. Outer beauty is so basic! Clients say my work is illuminating, empowering and helps them remember who they truly are. Each painting has its own unique process but goes a little something like this:


✨I have visions, hear words, phrases and even song lyrics pertaining to my client.

✨I feel their unique energy and Soul's immutable qualities. Fiery, strong, light, airy and everything in between. Everyone has a one-of-a-kind energetic fingerprint.

✨I usually (but not always) see past lives.

✨I am visited by Spirit Guides, Loved Ones, Ascended Masters and/or Elementals.

✨I intuitively use certain colors, patterns, brush strokes etc. and can't quite explain why. I trust fully in Spirit to guide my hand.

✨Feel free to make custom requests!


I don't always have the words to fully articulate the images and messages I receive from Spirit, but I try my best! Each painting includes an audio explanation.


Important Info:

✨Only 2 spots left for 2020.

✨Turnaround time is currently 4 months.

✨Option to split payment.

✨RUSH ORDERS AVAILABLE w/ additional fee.

✨Purchasing as a surprise gift? No problem! All I need is a photo of the recipient. 



CUSTOM Paintings

Prices start at $222

Custom paintings are purely creative and do not include channeling of any kind. I'm happy to paint something specific or just go with the flow! 

15% off a Psychic-Medium Reading w/ each order!


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