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"My reading with Ashley was absolutely amazing, validating, and healing in a number of ways. She was able to pass along messages from my guides and loved ones that were specific, clear, and resonated so much more than I could have expected. Because of Ashley's gift I was able to pass along messages to other family as well, and I cannot describe the depth of healing.I highly recommend anyone who has been thinking about getting a reading absolutely do it! I had been wanting to for a long time and I'm so glad spirit got me to finally book, this will not be my last reading 😄" - Bonnie H.

"My reading with Ashley was so lovely. She is POWERFUL and pulls down information in such a succinct and calming manner. There were many moments of synchronicity that led me to this reading and it made afterwards, it made perfect sense why I was being guided to sit with her. She was able to deliver such sweet messages from loved ones in the spirit realm and even predicted a surprise would be coming for me (which it did just a few days later). She's the real deal and we are so lucky she is sharing her gifts with the world now."- Emily J.

"Ashley always amazes me, in watching her on group readings or in readings of my own. My last reading with her was incredibly beautiful. I received confirmation of what I had been suspecting, that a loved one was coming around to visit. But she gave me confirmation that nobody else would have ever been able to know. Whatever you’re looking for, you won’t be disappointed. Also, she is very sweet and kind, which is comforting. Highly recommend!"- Brianna F.