I'm Ashley Clauré. Medium, Artist and Single-Psychic Mom to three beautiful creatures. When I'm not busy with my children, I create channeled paintings and deliver messages from Spirit. My art is inspired by nature, astrology and the visions I receive through my clairvoyance and other psychic abilities, which I've had  since I was a child. Learn more about me here.


My readings are fun, uplifting, free of judgement and 100% confidential. It's like a conversation with an old friend. Full of love, laughter and (good) tears. See what my past clients have to say. 


If you're reading this, we were divinely connected for a reason. Let's find out what it is! I offer Private Psychic-Medium Readings, Online Group Readings and Tarot Readings. 



 I combine my psychology degree with my psychic gifts to be your personal Psychic Therapist! Explore your unique and unlimited potential, break down walls, embrace your power and be the highest version of yourself. Rise and shine, baby!

In a nutshell, this is a series of private readings at a discounted rate. Each one is unique to your energy and the specific messages Spirit has for you. 


 A mixture of Personal Intuitive Guidance + Messages from Loved Ones +Tailored Specifically to Your Needs. clients have to say


“Being able to hear from Trista was a gift that I don’t know how to thank you for. She was a best friend of mine, and I miss her so much everyday. Thank you, Ashley. You are so gifted, and I appreciate you also doing it for such a loving reason.Everything you said will sit with me forever."- Emily

“Ashley is absolutely incredible! I have never had such an accurate and insightful reading, she is truly in touch with the divine.I lost my husband in July 2019... It was the very piece of him that I needed. So THANK YOU for your gifts, I still can't get over it all <3"-Shelby

"Omg I have chills. You are a star! So grateful for your gift. I just told my mom and she was blown away lol. Really makes me smile that PopPop knows he will be a great grandpa again! Made us all smile. Im not going to lie, you've made me cry happy tears tonight Ashley. Thank you for being you!" -Stacey 


As a child, art was how I expressed the images and messages I received from Spirit without having to explain where they came from. It continues to be a powerful creative outlet. 

 In addition to original works, I create truly unique and custom Intuitive Paintings. Think of it as a psychic reading on canvas. These divinely channeled paintings capture the infinite magic of your Soul. They are an expression of your energy rather than your physical appearance. Outer beauty is so basic. 

Now taking orders for 2020!



These are not your Mama's retreats. Spiritual to spooky and everything in between. Explore your infinite magic with Tarot, Intuitive Art, Psychic-Medium Readings, Moon Circles, Champagne and so much more.


Have a special skill or product you'd like to share with your retreat sisters (yoga, tarot, astrology, organic makeup/skin care, etc.)? Discounts available for an energy exchange. 

Mt. Shasta, CA 8/7-8/10

Salem, MA 10/25-10/28


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Email:          Phone: #240-507-9509              SE Portland, Oregon