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 1 ROOM LEFT! Pack your crystals and your broom stick for the 2nd Annual Witches Retreat! Join me and a sisterhood of other witchy women for lots of magic, laughter and (good) tears. Ghost stories,  Tarot Readings, Spell Casting, Chakra Clearing, Pendulum 101, Group Seance and so much more. 




“Being able to hear from Trista was a gift that I don’t know how to thank you for. She was a best friend of mine, and I miss her so much everyday. Thank you, Ashley. You are so gifted, and I appreciate you also doing it for such a loving reason.Everything you said will sit with me forever."- Emily

“Ashley is absolutely incredible! I have never had such an accurate and insightful reading, she is truly in touch with the divine.I lost my husband in July 2019... It was the very piece of him that I needed. So THANK YOU for your gifts, I still can't get over it all <3"-Shelby

"Omg I have chills. You are a star! So grateful for your gift. I just told my mom and she was blown away lol. Really makes me smile that PopPop knows he will be a great grandpa again! Made us all smile. Im not going to lie, you've made me cry happy tears tonight Ashley. Thank you for being you!" -Stacey 

I'm Ashley. A Medium, Artist and Single-Psychic Mom to three beautiful creatures.  I offer Intuitive Medium Readings, Tarot Readings and Intuitive Paintings. If you're reading this, we were divinely connected for a reason. Let's find out what it is!

Ashley xoxo